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The Matt Garrison Group is an elite, full service marketing team within Coldwell Banker. Our business strategy is simple: we consistently bring the best people and resources in the marketplace together to help you succeed in your next real estate venture.

The lines between success and failure in a real estate deal can be pretty thin. We set our clients up to succeed, whether they are building a 22 story residential high rise or purchasing a first home.

We work with leading experts to gain an unsurpassed knowledge of the marketplace, and we are experts on micro and macro trends, from what’s hot in a certain neighborhood to what design characteristics will help presales on a 200-unit development project. We have associated ourselves with the best vendors in the business, making unsurpassed investments in marketing, technology, market research, and public relations and integrated marketing campaigns that produce results.

What’s the bottom line? We save our client’s time and money. We keep our client’s at the absolute forefront of marketing or acquiring a property. We set you up to succeed in real estate.

Hiring our professional marketing team for your next real estate move is the best investment you can make.


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