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ALKO Construction and Development, Inc. is a mid-size, full service general contractor and construction management firm founded in 1994. A relative newcomer, ALKO consistently makes a name for itself with new construction and rehabs.

An ALKO project ranges from $300,000 to $20,000,000 and includes commercial, multi-family residential and mixed use. ALKO's quality, innovation, and integrity earn the respect of engineers and architects as well as provide great value and high customer satisfaction.

State-of-the-art construction techniques enable ALKO to preserve turn of the 20th century structures by transforming them into dynamic 21st century multi-use buildings.

We offer traditional construction and management services, design/build construction, pre- construction services, and specialty construction.

Our staff consists of highly trained engineers, architects, and project managers along with our team of subcontractors, finishers and designers. Our commitment is consistent from the start of each project until after the completion of the warranty period.

Alko Construction & Development's unique structure allows it to satisfy a diverse variety of client needs. Alko offers the following flexible contract methods:

Lump sum contract
- a fixed price regardless of the end cost

Guaranteed maximum price
- fixed maximum price for construction plus a fixed fee
- any savings below maximum price shared between owner and Alko

Cost-Plus Contract
- actual cost of construction plus a fee

Construction Management Contract
- one administration for construction and design teams

Design-Build Contract
- total project execution under sole accountability
- offers a distinct advantage over other construction methods by placing responsibility for
- design and construction of the project on one entity

Pre-construction Services
- budgeting
- material evaluation
- equipment evaluation
- constructability analysis
- scheduling
- logistics planning
- subcontractor bidding
- permitting
- construction supervision and quality control
- reporting

Specialty Construction
- excavation
- demolition
- environmental technologies

Our construction contract methods reflect the partnership and alliance between builder and client, which achieve mutually beneficial objectives.

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