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Corner of Sierra Vista and Swenson
Las Vegas, Nevada

64,425 square feet

918 units: 1,118,893 square feet


Solomon Cordwell Buenz

current status
64,425 square feet of commercial space available for lease

The stunning Boulevard East will be located on a 10.08 acre site and feature four residential high rise towers, retail establishments, 1.5 acre verdant park and distinctive streetscapes. This project captures the goals and objectives of the newly established mixed use development zoning, and will distinguish itself as a major contributor to the revitalization of this district.

This urban design consists of four distinct blocks, each with a stepped base that respects and enhances the pedestrian experience on all sides. A grocery store space is strategically located at the corner of Sierra Vista and Swenson Street, where there is high visibility, better logistics for a loading zone, and greatest access to parking. The street walls along Sierra Vista and Swenson are designed to have first level retail with storefronts, and condominiums above. A raised plaza connects the parking garages in two of the buildings—creating multi-level outdoor terraces and public spaces. The neighborhood street ambiance will be further enhanced with distinctive paving and desert plants.

Boulevard East offers 64,425 square feet of commercial space for lease. This space includes a 42,097 square foot grocery store space. This location will offer substantial foot traffic from residents of the development and neighborhood, as well as ample visitation from those outside the community due to the development’s plentiful parking and proximity to the transit stop at Sierra Vista and Swenson Street.

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